How to destroy parasites in the human body with folk remedies?

Parasite in the human body

Life in the modern world is such that it is not difficult to accidentally "attract" dangerous microorganisms into your body. Some of them will peacefully coexist with us, while others can cause a lot of complications in terms of health.

We are talking about parasites, which can be effectively dealt with even by folk methods, although a visit to a doctor, his consultation, and the recommendation of medications for treatment will not be superfluous.


In domestic conditions, folk remedies are simply irreplaceable. Their advantage is called the low probability of provoking dangerous side effects or allergic consequences.

Immediately, the myth of 100% effectiveness and self-sufficiency should be dispelled when the treatment of helminthiases with folk remedies is practiced.Any doctor, from among parasitologists or infectious disease specialists, immediately focuses the patient's attention on the possible existence of organ pathologies.- it is then that folk methods in the course of cleansing the body can involuntarily create conditions for exacerbating health deviations.

Coordination of important nuances with a specialist - about the variety of helminths that have appeared, what drugs and folk remedies to use to destroy them, exactly how and through what procedures to cleanse the body with folk remedies - becomes an important detail of treatment.

Despite the relatively wide selection of drugs that affect worms, pharmacologists recommend such medications with an eye to their specifics - side effects are not uncommon (they can serve as allergens, lead to intoxication). For the same reason, such funds are not always recommended for use in childhood, as well as for women if they are in position (especially in the early stages of pregnancy). That is why many make a conscious and logical choice - they practice treatment with folk recipes.

Fighting for their health, humanity has accumulated considerable experience and a resource of traditional medicine that helps to get rid of worms. The choice is great - from the use of herbal preparations, animal products, ending with minerals and other inorganic agents found in nature.

Worth knowing!Resorting to folk methods for the destruction of helminths, a person can use decoctions, tinctures, juices, extracts and saline emulsions, using an enema for injection into the body.

A number of principles that accelerate treatment are as follows:

  • we use a special diet: focus on healthy food (not fatty, not fried, we exclude meat and dairy products), which is digested easily and quickly;
  • we monitor the digestive system: any disturbances in it create favorable conditions for the easier occurrence of parasitosis;
  • we avoid taking alcohol and nicotine: they increase the intensity of the development of the disease;
  • we keep pets (dogs, cats, etc. ) at a distance: they are often the carriers and the cause of infection;
  • we increase attention to hygiene and strengthening the immune system.
Discomfort in the intestinal area - a symptom of a parasitic disease

Treatment with non-traditional methods

The disadvantages of drugs of chemical origin are obvious: a detrimental effect on the cells of the internal organs of the digestive system (gastrointestinal tract, liver). Therefore, treatment with non-traditional means will be a saving straw for everyone who seeks to avoid intoxication, imbalance of the digestive and immune systems.

It is the emphasis on naturalness - natural trace elements, oils, vitamins, acids of non-drug anti-infection preparations that make it possible to avoid unwanted body dysfunctions.

According to parasitologists, products that neutralize worms should have a number of properties:

  • special smell (sharp, intense)
  • specific taste (bitterness, sharpness)
  • create an acidic environment.

The following will contribute to the natural withdrawal and paralysis of organisms of the parasitic group:

  • products of a caustic nature (onion, garlic, other members of the lily family);
  • citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit);
  • beets, radishes, carrots (raw);
  • pumpkin seed (with a green film);
  • coconut pulp (fresh);
  • hot and sweet pepper.

All kinds of juices, especially freshly squeezed ones, will also ensure the destruction of worms in the human body. Juices from:

  • beets;
  • carrots;
  • cabbage;
  • pineapple
  • melons (ripe);
  • coconut.

Prophylactic remedies of traditional medicine should also be given special attention. Periodic or constant intake of decoctions, compotes, teas leads to the creation of an environment in the gastrointestinal tract that does not allow infection. The basis for the preparation of the mentioned liquids will be: rose hips, strawberries, mint leaves.

A special role is given to coriander- it is able to have a preventive effect even as a spice in cooking.

A product that has properties that neutralize parasites


Soda is perceived ambiguously: opponents of the remedy doubt its effectiveness, although there are much more supporters, and the practice of using soda as a "cure" for worms has proven its effectiveness.

Opponents of soda treatment insist on its aggressive effect on the body (it harms the gastric mucosa) and on possible complications in the digestive tract. Adherents of the remedy, although they note the presence of a violation of the microflora of the digestive organs with soda, they are much smaller and easily restored compared to treatment with purely medicinal preparations.

Attention!The practice of prescribing enemas with a solution of soda is becoming more common. Here, although soda is important, it should not remain the only means of influence - in combination with complex therapy with other non-drug means, it will give the desired result.

A little about the symptoms of a parasitic disease. It is diverse, but soda is indicated if:

  • against the background of elevated temperature, there is weakness of the body, nausea;
  • stomach pains and discomfort in the area of the abdominal cavity, intestines;
  • rashes due to allergic reactions (on the skin of the limbs and the whole body);
  • excessive fatigue is noticed even with little physical exertion, disruptions in sleep;
  • sometimes there is a cough reflex, shortness of breath against the background of pain in the chest cavity (Leffler's syndrome);
  • violations of the digestive cycle are detected: problems with appetite, bowel movements (problems with stools) - either excessive or insufficient, as well as bloating and increased gas formation;
  • the immune system fails (colds, allergies easily occur).

By creating an alkaline environment, soda is able to "complicate life" for worms - they cannot exist in such conditions, the body will be disinfected.

The procedure that patients undergoing treatment with soda goes through is straightforward. For an enema, prepare a solution of water with soda in a proportion of 0. 8 liters of water to a tablespoon of soda (20-30 grams). The temperature of the solution should not exceed 42°C, and be less than 38°C (cool water will cause hypothermia of the internal organs, warmer water will relax the intestinal walls and toxins can be absorbed into the body).

Cleaning is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Preparatory stage. The body must be cleansed with a preliminary enema from a salt solution (proportion - 30 grams of salt per 1-2 liters of water). The rate of fluid administration should be optimal - and not fast (excessive speed will force the body to stretch the walls of the intestine), and not slow. The solution is administered to the patient in a supine position (on the left side, with the right leg bent to the stomach) and held for at least 10 minutes (you need to lie on your back and take deep breaths). Next comes the emptying of the bowel.
  2. Main stage.A soda enema is administered. Everything is carried out in a manner similar to the previous stage. The only difference is that fluid retention in the body is extended to 30 minutes. Here you need to carefully monitor the reaction of the body - parasites will strive to stay in the internal organs, which will lead to unpleasant or painful sensations. In case of excessive pain or burning, you should immediately empty your stomach.
  3. The final stage.The procedure of the 1st stage is repeated. There is a cleansing of soda residues and destroyed worms.

The described scheme is repeated several times a day during the entire healing period.


Traditional medicine and the described treatment regimen through cleansing with soda, with their results, have earned recognition among patients who have become infected with parasites and freed from them. This is evident from the breadth of discussions in the Internet space. Here are some first hand quotes.

  1. "I want to share my case. I tried to expel the worms with soda. I did an enema for one day, the next day - a break, then - again a day of procedures. In the morning after this repeated day, the condition was not so hot. I felt sick for a long time, I felt bad, in my right side I was pulling quite strongly. Toward evening I went to the toilet and saw the result - in the mass of feces there was a worm of 20 centimeters, some kind of translucent, maybe roundworm. Surely there is something else in the intestines - therefore I will continue the cleansing, I will also drink soda solution. And I’ll pick up herbs for treatment for children - the microflora in a child’s body is quite easily disturbed, so it’s better to heal in a gentle mode.

  2. "I decided not to use soda as a drink yet - an enema helped. The effect of it pleased - after the completion of the third stage, translucent small parasites "came out" of me. Like pinworms they are called. After each repetition of the scheme (probably 6 times), different worms came out all the time interspersed with mucus, orange like that. At 7-8 times, the mucus came out in record numbers, but already without worms.

  3. "At first, the process was difficult. Probably, only after 5 repetitions I more or less mastered how to refrain from immediate emptying. This is my first experience with "taking" an enema. Helminths began to come out after 6 enemas, quite large - 20 cm. But more surprise came on the 16th time, when the body was cleansed of a huge amount of feces - a "cylinder" of 40 cm.

  4. "The local therapist suggested that I try cognac with castor oil for treatment. At first I had a fasting day - only cereals on the water, fresh vegetables mixed with fruits. For the evening I took cognac, then castor oil. I immediately had a headache and began to vomit. I calmed myself down and tried to sleep. Slept badly. And by 5 in the morning I felt the effect of the "treatment" and ran to the toilet. I saw helminths for the first time, it became creepy. 3 days continued to drink the appointment of a therapist. I felt a lot better - both literally and figuratively (I lost a few kg! ) ".

  5. "Mugwort took about 30 days. Little has changed - no exacerbations, no discomfort. I thought I was wrong about myself and the worms. But no! After a month of therapy with wormwood, the worm came out of me. Was shocked! Why am I mentioning all this? And besides, sometimes you don’t even suspect that it can live inside the body! "

Treatment for helminthiasis is a serious procedure that requires special attention - both from the doctor and the patient. And if drug therapy has contraindications, folk recipes - alternative medicine means - can become more effective. Coordination of such treatment with a doctor and the availability of drugs will allow it to be carried out even in familiar living conditions.